About Us

We are Telnet International Schools

Our History
Telnet International School, Akure was opened in September 2016 with the aim of enhancing an academically sound and godly young individuals. The schools started with Creche, Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Years One–Five in the Primary section and Year Seven and Eight in the High School.
The primary School was borne out of the desire to nurture the pupils from the cradle. The High School started with Years Seven and Eight to ensure that there is a solid foundation for the students. So far, half of the pupils in the High School are in the boarding house, while the other half are day students.

Our Mission
Provision of quality education by seasoned professionals in a conducive learning environment and in partnership with parents.
Our values of integrity, hard-work and honesty will ensure full development and growth of our beloved children into responsible adulthood that will become self-sufficient and confident leaders of tomorrow. They will be the pride of parents and the nation.

Our Vision
We aim to be better than the best school in Nigeria by employing hitech Telecommunication and Networking System in our teaching and learning processes. The educational system will challenge the teachers and administrators to be subject experts; and the pupils for academic, creative, and personal accomplishments. It will help pupils to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. They will be encouraged to see the values in mutual respect, compassion and cooperation with others and have the love of God in their heart.
We hope to make Telnet International School the school of choice, that will be most admired for its location, people and performances.

Our Strategic Objectives
● Use hi-tech Telecommunication and Networking devices in teaching and learning processes (True to the name we bear, TEL-NET.)
● provide conducive learning environment for students and teachers
● Encourage mutual respect and cooperation between students and teachers
● Create collaboration between the school administrators, teachers and parents for all round nurturing of our beloved children
● Employ seasoned professionals as teachers and administrators with good remuneration.
● Expose students to Nigerian and UK Curricula to create opportunities for Local and International Schools of higher Education.
● Students will imbibe hard-work as key to success in life. They will be made to set goals and work towards achieving them which is success.
● Extra –Curricular activities include sports, debates, socials and travels.